Flooding – who to contact

Call 999 if you experience any flooding.

Check out emergency contacts page which helps you to identify who you need to talk to.

Flooding alerts and how to prepare

Flood alerts and warnings can be found on the Government website, with advice about how to stay safe.

If you are at risk of flooding:

  • deploy flood defences (e.g. sandbags, door barriers) if you have any
  • move vehicles to a safe area
  • turn off power (unless you have a pumped flood system)
  • close windows and doors if it’s safe to do so
  • retreat to a safe place (such as the upper level of a building or a friend’s house) and lock doors
  • move pets, items of value and your handbag upstairs or raise off the floor
  • keep phones, chargers, bank cards, medication, insurance details and house keys to hand
  • ensure that your neighbours know that a flood is predicted/happening and help out if possible

flood guide offers more detailed advice on how to protect your property from flooding in an emergency.

The Environment Agency has also produced a downloadable leaflet on what to do before and after a flood.