The Parish Council would like to extend a huge THANKYOU to everyone who contributed to the Caddington Open Day consultation

We have had an amazing response to all the issues we were seeking views on.

here is the report of our findings along with an action plan to put in place a number of improvements suggested by yourselves.

Parish Open Day & Consultation report 2017 web

Thanks again for all your valuable input to the process.

Leading from the consultation one of the issues was that of renewing and upgrading play equipment. It has taken some months but we are pleased to say the council have sought quotes and have agreed a scheme to place 6 new items in the park behind Elm Avenue shops. (2 Climbing towers for different ages and abilities, a play panel for younger children, a swing seat suitable for both disabled children and all other children, a 4 seat springer for younger children, and a modern roundabout/balance item suitable from all ages from toddlers to teenagers)

We’re sure this scheme will give children of all ages and abilities a much more varied and exciting experience. Apart from council funds, we have been granted £4500 from Angus Brewer Trust and £10,000 from Lottery Awards For All, to help fund the project, and we cannot thank them enough.

The council are committed to renew and upgrade our other parks, and next financial year we will be looking to upgrade the park between Edgecote Close and Elm Avenue and have made allowances in our budget, and will again seek further funding to lessen the burden on local tax payers.