Caddington Open Day

At – the Heathfield Centre

On – Sunday 11th June

between 12 Noon and 4pm

The Parish Council are holding a Parish Open Day for residents to share their views about our upcoming potential projects and village improvements. We will be asking residents a few questions on what you want us to spend money on this year and what your priorities and wishes are for the village in the future. Please feel free to drop in at any time between 12 Noon and 4pm to meet your councillors and give us your views.

There are a number of issues the parish council have been discussing which we will be focussing on such as;

  • Location of the War Memorial, which is currently in a very confined area in the churchyard. We would like your opinion on 3 possible options for its relocation. Please see “Memorial Leaflet” attachment for further details;  Memorial Leaflet You may vote on the options by completing this voting slip WAR MEMORIAL voting slip and emailing to; 
  • Parking in village centre – With the closure of Heathfield in the near future, we will be losing a large car park potentially putting even more cars into the overcrowded streets around the shops etc. Have you any ideas how the parking situation can be improved?
  • Parks and Recreation Grounds How do you wish to see the parks used and what equipment/facilities do you wish to see in the parks in the future?
  • Highways schemes. (Highways are ultimately Central Bedfordshire Council’s responsibility but we have recently applied to them and been granted ‘match funding’ scheme Traffic calming in Dunstable Rd, Traffic Calming in Mancroft Rd, Aley Green, and a new street light in Folly Lane). We want to know if you have any more ideas for improvements we could pursue with CBC Highways.
  • Replacement facility at Heathfield – Heathfield is currently used daily by numerous groups of all ages and the council want to ensure any new facility meets the needs of the village both now and in the future.

Please see questionnaire attachment for you to download and submit your thoughts (on Parking, Parks, Heathfield Centre & Highways issues); Parish Open Day questions

Please either drop off completed forms at Heathfield Centre in the box provided at the Open Day (11th June) or for the week immediately after (12th to 19th June), or download and send responses direct to;

  • Villager of the Year and Organisation of the Year awards – We would like your nominations for “Villager of the Year “ and the new category of “Organisation of the Year” which now includes Charity and Community Groups/Organisations, as well as businesses.

See attached Villager and Organisation of the year nomination forms. These can also be dropped off at the Heathfield Centre or download and send completed forms by email to; 

Organisation of the Year Nomination form 

Villager of the year – Nomination form

We are also inviting the Police & Fire Department as well as local groups such as Caddington Watch.

All are welcome to attend the Open Day. There will be refreshments available throughout the day. Hope to see you there