Beds Alert is a crime and community information messaging system run by Bedfordshire Police, which offers residents details about crime and events in their local area.

  • The service is free to everyone.
  • You can receive information electronically via email direct to your computer, view messages online, and once logged in, can also tailor your settings to detail exactly what type of messages you want to receive.
  • Receive crime reduction advice and help tackle crime in your local area

You can join Beds Alert by applying online here  

Please note that “Beds Alert” replaces the previous Ringmaster messaging system that was withdrawn at the end of 2015.  Subscribers to Ringmaster should have been automatically transferred from Ringmaster to the new Beds Alert system.  If you have any queries about your subscription please email Beds Alert using this link:

You may also find it more useful to use the POLICE.UK or CrimeStats websites that provide comprehensive reports on a range of criminal activity in your area.  See here for more details.

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