Does your property border a public footpath?

The Parish Council have received a number of complaints from residents
regarding trees and other vegetation, overhanging and obstructing public
footpaths and pavements within Caddington.

We are extremely fortunate in Caddington in having a number of footpaths and
alleyways that provide convenient pedestrian links between areas of the
village. Troubles locally and nationally with issues around road safety and
parking, along with the health benefits of walking more, convince me that it
is as important as ever to ensure that these footpaths are clean, safe, and
clear of obstruction. Unfortunately, many are becoming dark and overgrown,
with boundary hedges and vegetation blocking light and narrowing the width

Most of this vegetation has its routes within the grounds of private gardens
and is growing or encroaching onto the footpaths over the garden boundaries.
The responsibility for this type of vegetation lies with the relevant
householders rather than the Council. We are trying to work with local
residents to encourage them to take responsibility for their village
footpaths by cutting back their border hedges, trees and shrubs to maximise
both the light and the width along our footpaths. Only once this is done can
we truly claim there to be no reason for the dog fouling experienced in
recent weeks and can double our efforts in identifying the perpetrators and
encourage them to do the responsible thing and clear up after their dogs.

We would welcome your support in encouraging friends and neighbours in
Caddington to help keep our village paths clear of vegetation and please let
us know if there are problems that we have not yet uncovered.

Mark Russell
Chairman, Caddington Parish Council