Are you local and need to rent a property?

Caddington Woods is a residential development of 325 dwellings, a play area and community hub. Redrow are providing a range of high-quality houses for sale, two housing associations (Thrive Homes and Catalyst) are providing housing for social rent, and CaSE is offering the properties it has been endowed with at “Intermediate Rent”, i.e. 80% of current market rents for people with a local connection. There are 3 sizes of CaSE properties, 2 bed, 3 bed (4 person) and 3 bed (5 person).

CaSE trustees have adopted a localised lettings policy which gives priority to people in housing need who originate from or have close family connections in Caddington and Slip End.

If you would like to be considered for a property, please read the lettings policy and complete the online application below.

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