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Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service urge the public to please stop lighting bonfires during the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Service has been called to a significant rise in bonfire related incidents since the beginning of April 2020. Some have caused significant damage to property. A bonfire is a statutory nuisance, which is an activity that is prejudicial to health and unduly interferes with a person’s enjoyment of their property and land. Bonfire smoke causes air pollution and can make people with breathing problems feel unwell. It can also upset your neighbours preventing them from opening windows, using their gardens, or hanging washing out.For further information on Bonfires from your local council, please see the below links.

Recent case study:
On Sunday 5 April, the BFRS attended 12 bonfires. Two were serious fires; one a fire in a rear garden that spread to the property. 10% of the property was damaged by fire and 50% was damaged by smoke. The other was a fire involving a large amount of building materials which was left unattended. The home owner was located and advice given by the fire service and police.This is one example where the Fire Service’s resources were tied up in incidents caused by irresponsible burning. This puts unnecessary pressures on resources which could otherwise be used to deliver to attend major incidents and key prevention work.Reporting smoke nuisanceIf you wish to report smoke nuisance, please follow your local council’s advice below:

Bonfire and smoke nuisance advice Central Bedfordshire Council version